The fleet of K TRANS is
composed of 30 semitrailer
trucks of 420 and 440 Scania make
and reefer semitrailers of
Schmitz, Krone and
Cherau makes.

The modern fleet of vehicles is a key factor for fast and safe transport of products. That’s why we invest constantly in our fleet through replacement of tore and wore vehicles with brand new ones. On average, our semitrailer trucks are up to 2 years old. 90% of our vehicles meet as stringent exhaust gas emission standards as Euro 5 and Euro 6 Standards. Right now, we are testing a new GPS monitoring system.

We keep our vehicles in perfect technical condition. We have the in-house vehicle service station equipped with devices required to keep up and maintain our vehicles and the automated washing facility.

All semitrailers are fit for transportation of cargo in controllable temperature – frozen or fresh groceries, medications, flowers, cosmetics or other temperature sensitive or perishable products. Thermo King and Carrier refrigerant units let maintain constant temperature of cargo within the range between -25°C and +25°C no matter what weather conditions are. The standard outfit of reefer semitrailers includes thermographs, printers, reliable thievery prevention mechanisms and cases for palettes. All of them have valid ATP certificates for carriage of perishable food products.

7 new semitrailers are intended for transportation of flowers. In order to protect flowers against the effects of semitrailer shift, an aluminum beam is installed for horizontal attachment at the height of 1.4 meter, and 4 poles – including 2 vertical poles placed in baseboards alongside walls and 2 additional poles have been added. Those semitrailers are also perfectly well fit for transportation of products other than those that require cooling.

Technical details of reefer semitrailers:

  • Loading capacity: 33 Euro palettes or 26 industrial palettes
  • The dimensions of loading space depending on the model of a semitrailer: length: 13.3 – 13.5 meters, width: 2.46 – 2.49 meters, and height: 2.55 – 2.66 meters
  • Permissible laden weight: 23 tons