Why can you count on K TRANS?

Handling of frozen
and chilled products requires specialist Know-How from those who are in charge. What does
make us so unique?

  • We believe strongly that true satisfaction of our Clients is a key for success. That’s why your specific requirements and needs make an absolute priority for us in the progress of our day-to-day work.
  • We are always available to you – we work 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year.
  • We have been active in the market of international transportation services for 15 years which translates into extensive business experience which guarantees the best quality of our services.
  • Our modern fleet of vehicles, that satisfies the most strict requirements in terms of technologies and ecology, is provided to you by us for your disposal. Almost all vehicles satisfy the requirements of stringent exhaust gas emission standards, namely Euro 5 and Euro 6 Standards.
  • We guarantee fast and timely delivery.
  • We transport cargo in conformity to the highest standards of safety and we monitor the course of carriage order performance on a continuous basis.
  • The standards applicable to transportation of perishable products and products sensitive to temperature fluctuations are strictly observed. Cargo space of our vehicles is always kept tidy and immaculate.
  • If requested, we provide a double manning of drivers.
  • Our experienced and qualified drivers take care of efficient and smooth order performance. They are trained in economical and ecological methods of driving on a regular basis.
  • We always plan a route in such a way that the number of redundant standstills be reduced to the necessary minimum. Whenever required by circumstances, drivers who come back from Western Europe swap with drivers go head for the Eastern Europe and vice versa.
  • Through responsible actions, we do our best to reduce the negative impact on natural environment – we reduce consumption of fuel gradually and persistently; we reduce the number of so-called empty runs and we invest in brand new vehicles all the time, so the requirements of stringent exhaust gas emission standards, namely Euro 5 and Euro 6 Standards, could be met.
  • We offer reliability and truly professional service which makes us a stable and trustworthy business partner.